August 5th Primary Election – Picks from the SW MO Thinker

I just thought that I would share my thoughts on Tuesday’s election and how I hope the results turn out. This is for the Greene County Missouri primary election.

Here goes:

Amendment 5: Yes. This is an amendment to the Missouri Constitution installing an “unalienable” right to keep and bear arms in the state constitution. While this will not necessarily create any new laws allowing more of a right than we already have, it will make legally challenging laws pertaining to this issue more difficult to defend – making our rights more secure. That, along with Rep. Eric Burlison’s endorsement, is enough for me.

Amendment 7: No. This is a “temporary” increase in state taxes to help with the Job Creation Fund and also transportation projects. First, I’m taxed enough. Second, taxes are rarely temporary with the government. Last, government doesn’t create jobs.

Amendment 8: No. While this is an amendment intended to create a Missouri Lottery ticket to help finance the Missouri Veterans Commission (helping with capital improvements for veterans), I can’t in good conscience promote state-sanctioned gambling. Further, I can’t allow the emotional response of wanting to help veterans get in the way of realizing that monies from the MO Vets Commission is regularly allocated in ways that are not in keeping with what we are told they are used for.

Amendment 9: Yes. This is a vote on whether or not the citizens should be secure in their electronic data by unreasonable searches and seizures.  In the end, this is just an addition to the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution. We are secured by the Bill of Rights in unreasonable searches and seizures in our “persons, houses, papers, and effects” – this just puts our electronics under the same concept of protection. For a good explanation, listen to this 10 minute podcast. The interviewee, Darin Chappell, is a former MSU political science professor and is currently the City Manager for Bolivar.

Greene County Presiding Commissioner: Steve Helms. I know Helms – I call him a friend. Cirtin and Fenstermaker are also both men I know and are good guys. However, the fact is that all three are campaigning as Constitutional and fiscal conservatives – Helms is the only one that will stick by that campaign pledge after Tuesday and by those principles while in office.

For Ellison and Lawless, I know both of them well enough to stop and ask how they are if I see them at the store. They are both conservatives and would both do good jobs; if I had to pick, however, I would pick Ellison. He has more experience in the field of working with government officials and other organizations in the community.

The other names that I support are ones that don’t have opposition (Schoeller, Haahr, Burlison, Hough).

Amendment 1(Right to Farm) is one I’m working on learning about, but at this time is a little foreign to me – I’ll try and get back to this post with my thoughts by Monday night.

Those are my picks – do with them what you will.


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